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Post Master’s Certificate in TESOL

The Post-Master’s program in TESOL is an advanced 18-credit certificate designed for experienced educators who possess a master’s degree and aim to elevate their English as a second language teaching abilities. This comprehensive program provides a well-rounded curriculum, focusing on the fundamental principles of second language acquisition. Through this program, educators are empowered to become advocates for their students throughout their English learning journey. By immersing yourself in the latest research and innovative techniques, you will gain the essential tools to effectively support your students’ language development and
facilitate their academic success.

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Set on Your Success

St. Thomas Aquinas College was founded as a teacher’s college. We have a long legacy of preparing knowledgeable, caring educators who are passionate about learning, teaching, and making a difference in the world, one student at a time. Join our close-knit academic community of experts who will support you personally in advancing to the next level of your profession.


Core (3 credits)
GED 4201 TESOL Foundations—Theory and Practice
Specialization (12 credits)
GED 4301 Linguistics and Structure of English Language
GED 4302 Language Acquisition and Literacy Development, K-12
GED 4303 Language Evaluation and Assessments
GED 4304 Content Area Instruction for ELLs
Capstone Experiences (3 credits)
GED 6102 Practicum (teach ELLs in Elementary and Secondary School, minimum of 20 days in
each setting)