Logo & Identity Guidelines


Color Palette


Use of spot colors (Pantone Color Systems) for both the College’s Maroon (PMS 209) and Gold (PMS 142) is recommended.

RGB and HEX Colors are recommended for for use on the web.

Pantone: 209C
CMYK: 39 / 91 / 57 / 38
RGB: 114 / 38 / 61
HEX: #72263D

Pantone: 142C
CMYK: 4 / 26 / 83 / 0
RGB: 243 / 190 / 72
HEX: #F5BE48

There are four configurations of the primary logo:

  • Horizontal without tagline
  • Vertical without tagline
  • Horizontal WITH tagline
  • Vertical WITH tagline
Spartan - St. Thomas Aquinas College mascot

Spartan Athletic Mark

The athletic mascot for St. Thomas Aquinas College is a Spartan. The Spartan athletic mark is a Spartan head and can be used to promote/enhance the College’s athletic teams.

The Spartan athletic mark is not intended for use on official college communications or in situations that require the primary College logo. The only exception would be on college swag such as T-shirts, sweaters, caps and beanies. However, in these cases, the Spartan Head should always be accompanied by the words “St. Thomas Aquinas College.”

The athletic mark uses the two College primary and secondary colors, Maroon 209 and Gold 142. However, it can also be in one color, either maroon, gold, or white as a “knock out” on a contrasting colored background. It should not be reproduced in any other color(s).