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Margaret Alaimo Associate Director, Athletics
Margaret smiling wearing black and white shirt and black blazer
Emanuel Almodovar Driver
Mr. Javaughn Anderson Equipment Manager, Sprint Football
Ms. Merari Anderson Assistant Coach, Women’s Soccer
Sunny Anthwal Director, Computer and Information Systems
Steven Apicella Administrative Assistant, Administration & Finance
Loriana Aviles Administrative Assistant, NYU Silver School of Social School
Siobhan Ax MBA Program Assistant
Larry Ayers Coach, Lacrosse
Ms. Victoria Babiarz Fall/Spring Graduate Assistant for Student Development and Engagement
Matt Backs Assistant Coach Men’s Basketball
Brittany Barrow Residence Life Professional
Brittany smiling outside in summertime with water in background
Kara Barrows Assistant Director for Disability Services
Matthew Barry Coach, Sprint Football
Matthew Barry Coach, Volleyball
Samantha Bazile Director of Admissions, Chief Diversity Officer
Samantha Bazile
Autumn Becker Assistant Coach Women’s Soccer
Autumn smiling wearing beige sweater
Professor Nina Bellisio Assistant Dean, Curricular Innovation & Evaluation and Professor of Visual Communications
David Berkner Director of Annual Giving & Engagement
Dassin Blackwell Assistant Director, Athletics – Compliance & Sprint Football Administrator
Dassin smiling wearing navy sweatshirt
Ms. Lucille Bluntschli Fall/Spring Graduate Assistant for Student Development and Engagement
Scott Bookstein Security Officer
Dr. Heath Bowen Dean, School of Arts & Social Sciences and Associate Professor of History
Jeffrey Boyer Women’s Triathlon Head Coach
Thomas Brady Sprint Football Linebackers Coach
Professor Daniel Brennan Lecturer of Professional Practice of Computer Science
Mr. Ethan Broder Assistant Athletic Trainer
Graham Brown Assistant Athletic Director, Men’s Soccer Head Coach
Paolo Bruzzesi Student Development Coordinator
Paolo smiling wearing blue suit and yellow tie
Alyssa Buchanan Assistant Director of Student Financial Services
Brendan Burke Driver
Professor Kimberly Burns Assistant Director, Student Success
Dr. Steve Burns Assistant Dean and Professor of Chemistry
Marisol Cable Pathways Coordinator
Professor Christine Cahill Esq. Assistant Dean and Professor of Business Administration
Christine smiling wearing black long sleeve shirt
Matthew Capell Assistant Athletic Director, Community Engagement, Men’s Basketball Head Coach
Mr. Fred Caprista Assistant Coach, Sprint Football
Emanuele Caraccia Catering Manager, Aramark
Emanuele smiling outside with trees and Romano building in background wearing blue dress shirt
Lisa Carlos Admissions Office Assistant
Laura Carney Office Coordinator
Paul Carroll General Manager of Aramark
Alexis Castillo Coach, Cheerleading and Dance
Alexis smiling wearing STAC Athletics sweatshirt
Timothy Challener Maintenance/Facilities Supervisor
Dr. Joseph Charleman Part-time Instructor
Joe smiling outside wearing red white and blue checkered dress shirt
Dr. Neerja Chaturvedi Professor of History
Dr. Ellen Chayet Professor of Criminal Justice
David Cifuni Maintenance Mechanic
David Cifuni smiling with Romano Center building and trees in background
Dr. Francesca Ciotoli Assistant Professor of Teacher Education
William Cleary Assistant Athletic Director, Women’s Basketball Head Coach
Theresa Coakley Campus Safety Officer
Maureen Cochran Office Assistant
Dr. Melissa Collucci Assistant Professor of Literacy Education, Director of Graduate Education
Melissa smiling wearing light blue shirt seated at desk in office with computer screen in background
Melvin Cooper Campus Safety Officer
Vanessa Coreas Supervisor, Safety & Emergency Management
Maria Coupe Director, Human Resources
Vincent Crapanzano Dean, Student Success Services
Kenneth D. Daly President
Colm Dawson Campus Safety Officer
Dr. Meghan De Witt Associate Professor of Mathematics
Mr. Gary Del Rosario Assistant Coach, Club Baseball
Barbara DeLalla-Keegan Learning Specialist for Disability Services
Ms. Carissa Della Vecchia Assistant Coach, Softball
Carissa smiling wearing hair down with maroon STAC tshirt
Nicholas Dellolio Maintanance Worker
Manuel DelRosario Assistant Coach, Men’s Baseball
Manuel smiling wearing baseball cap with spartan head
Dr. Pamela Derfus Associate Professor of Management
Lorraine Derwin Associate Director, Admissions for Recruitment
Dr. Michael DiBartolomeo Vice President for Enrollment Management: Oversees Admissions Dept.
Ms. Tara Diviny Data and Reporting Analyst
Tara smiling wearing black shirt with blue wallpaper background
Kristen Domeischel Assistant Director of Admissions: NY (Nassau, Queens, Suffolk counties)
Joseph Donini Treasurer and Vice President of Administration & Finance
James Doyle Director of Maintenance
MarceAnn Dunning Assistant Coach, Basketball
John Edel Dean of Instructional & Administrative Technology
Dr. K. Emma Emanuel Assistant Professor of Biology
Dr. Deirdre-Noel Engels Associate Professor of Marketing
Devon Engle Assistant Athletic Trainer
James Errico Assistant Director Alumni Relations
Gregg Esposito Security Officer
Mr. Adam Fahmy Assistant Coach, Men’s Volleyball
Abbey Fallon Manager of Sports Medicine & Head Athletic Trainer
Shane Fallon Library Assistant/Circulation
Victoria Farley Regional Admissions Counselor
Victoria smiling outside of Borelli Hall wearing black shirt and blazer jacket
Michael Fasulo Assistant Coach, Hockey
Cheryl Felmlee Systems and Reference Librarian
Cheryl smiling outside wearing red shirt and necklace
Kervins Ferdilus Assistant Coach, Sprint Football
Stephen Ferrara Head Coach, Men’s Golf
Ms. Alexa Ferris Assistant Athletic Trainer
Dr. Elizabeth Finnegan Professor of Education
Dr. Finnegan smiling outside with snow in the background wearing beige coat and back and white scarf
Erin Fitzpatrick Assistant Director
Marina Fladung Regional Admissions Counselor: Putnam County, Westchester County, and Connecticut
Thomas Flood Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Jennifer Foley Administrative Assistant
Dr. Carolyn Fraker Assistant Professor of Sociology
Lisa Gagliardo Security Officer
Dr. Meenakshi Gajria Dean, School of Education and Professor of Special Education
Meenakshi smiling and teaching in class wearing black sweater
Joy Gallagher Assistant Director, Transfer & Graduate Coordinator
Julie Gangemi Assistant Coach, Track
Cindy Garvey Director of Financial Aid
Cindy smiling
Jonathan Garvey Assistant Athletic Director, Baseball Head Coach
Colleen Gill Assistant Director
Dr. Oscar Gonzalez-Barreto Assistant Professor of Spanish & Latina/o/x Studies
John-Michael Guarino Coordinator, Club Sports, Intramurals, and Fitness & Rec.
Mr. Fredy Guiran Coach, Women’s Soccer & Fitness Center Manager
Fredy smiling wearing blue STAC Athletics shirt
Maxwell Hackman Library Director
Casey Hannon Career Center Coordinator
Laura Hargrove Records Clerk
Shannon Hargrove Director of Experiential Learning
Peter Hartnett Campus Safety Officer – Investigator
Loretta Haugh Student Account Specialist
Loretta smiling outside wearing coral shirt and white sweater
Linda Hayden Office Assistant
Dr. Richard Heath Professor of Psychology
Ms. Mariel Henriquez
Ms. Massiel Henriquez
John Hong Network/Security Specialist
Denise Hopkins-Poselle Dean of Experiential Learning
Norman Huling Associate Dean, Student Development; Director, Growth Task Force; Title IX Coordinator
Professor Timothy Hull Adjunct Professor of Art
Keith Jackson Driver
Jamin R. Sewell Esq. MPA-CJ Director
John Jenkins Part-Time Mentor
Sean Jennings Assistant Coach, Hockey
Daniel Johnson Regional Admissions Counselor
Dr. Donald Johnson Professor of Physics
Rayven Johnson Assistant Athletic Director, Senior Women’s Administrator & Academic Success
Brianna Jones Head Coach, Bowling Team
Dr. Sang Uk Joo Associate Professor of Sport Management Studies
Javon Joslyn Interim Director, Student Engagement
Javon smiling with trees in background outside
Professor Brett Karopczyc Lecturer of Professional Practice of Computer Science
Mr. Maximilian Kendler Assistant Coach, Tennis
Dr. David Keppler Professor of Philosophy
Keith Kim Computer Technician
Ms. Danielle Kobryn Director, Strategy & Project Management
Bryan Kondracki Coach, eSports
Ray Kondracki Cross Country Head Coach
Susan Kopac Office Assistant
Mr. Charles LaPorta Finance Analyst
Dr. Stephanie Lauer Assistant Professor of Biology
Dr. Andrew Lee Assistant Professor of Mathematics
William Lenau Library Assistant/Circulation
William smiling outside wearing maroon shirt and black lanyard for id card
Dr. Linda Levine Madori Professor of Therapeutic Recreation
Linda smiling wearing earrings and necklace with black suit jacket
Dr. Tingting Liu Assistant Professor of Human Resource Management
Danielle Livsey Financial Aid Counselor
Dr. Cassandra Lo Assistant Professor of English Education and Literacy
Cassie smiling wearing black rimmed glasses and floral blue shirt with Costello Hall and trees in background
Ms. Ellen Loftus Office Coordinator, School of STEM
Annie Lombardi Director of Enrollment Marketing and Campus Communications
Jennifer Lombardo Regional Admissions Counselor: NY (Richmond County) Staten Island, NY
Thiago Lopes Athletics Facilities and Operations and Coach, Men’s Volleyball
Thiago smiling outside wearing STAC Spartans athletics gray sweatshirt
Linda LoRe Executive Director
John Lovrich Grant Writer/ Consultant
Amber Lubaszka Assistant Coach, Triathlon
Ms. Rebecca Luther Administrative Assistant, Administration & Finance
William Madden Assistant Coach, Softball
Holly Magnani Marketing Manager
John Maloney Security Officer
Dr. Susan Marell Professor of Psychology
Christine Markham Director of Clinical Experiences
Dr. Craig Martin Professor of Religious Studies
Enrique Martinez Security Officer
Dr. Gabriel Martinez Assistant Professor of Exercise Science
Dr. Evan Matthews Associate Professor of Music
Jennifer Mazza McGuiness Controller
Jennifer smiling wearing floral black and white shirt with silver necklace
Professor Angela McDonnell Instructor of Hospitality Management
Dr. Caleb McWhorter Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Dr. Meghan Mihal Professor of Economics
Faculty Portrait Meghan smiling
Anthony Mitru Finance and Accounting Analyst
Jennifer Mitru Office Assistant
Jean Marie Mohr Assistant Director, Retention Activities
Helene Moiseyev Office Assistant
Professor James Muckell Associate Professor of Accounting
John Muldoon Assistant Coach, Sprint Football
Maureen Mulhern Director, Career Development
Professor Mariellen Murphy-Holahan Associate Professor of Accounting
Eileen Murphy Registrar
Eileen smiling wearing black shirt and gray suit jacket
Professor Michael Murphy Dean of the School of Business, Assistant Professor of Business Administration and Decision Sciences
Dr. Robert Murray Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs; Professor of English
Robert Murray
James Nawoichyk Director of Campus Health and Safety
Kevin Nesbitt Vice President and Dean of Student Development
Daulton Newbury Assistant Coach, Sprint Football
Samantha Nierer Assistant Director of Human Resources
Dr. Maryellen Noonan
Kenneth Noury Security Officer
Ken smiling wearing campus safety sweatshirt with trees in background outside
Anne O’Brien Office Coordinator
Sean O’Connor Assistant Coach, Lacrosse
Karl O’Neill Assistant Coach, Womens Soccer
Kwabena Opoku IT Support Technician
Kwabena posing for photo with gray background
Doris Osei Student Success & HEOP Counselor
David Owens
Kaitlyn Pacella Office Coordinator
Kaitlyn smiling outside, wearing black shirt
Genesis Pacheco Assistant Director, Athletics and Academic Success
Genesis smiling wearing STAC athletics maroon t-shirt
Gonzalo Adrian Palau Soccer Club Coach
Dr. Nikolas Papavlassopulos Professor of Finance and Business Adminstration
Michael Paris Security Officer
Jessica Parker Communications Coordinator
Ms. Deborah Pawlikowski Director of Residence Life
Denise Pawlowski Assistant Registrar
Denise smiling wearing navy blue dress and gold necklace
Marcell Pettway Assistant Coach, Mens Basketball
Robert Pichardo Women’s Volleyball Head Coach
Robert Pichardo smiling outside wearing STAC gray athletics sweatshirt
Howard Pierson Security Officer
George Prepis Assistant Coach, Soccer
Dr. Nydia Prishker Assistant Professor of Childhood Education
Nydia smiling wearing glasses, navy shirt and jean jacket with tree and greenery in background
Professor Ira Promisel Instructor of Criminal Justice
Thomas Quevedo Regional Admissions Counselor
Thomas smiling outside of Borelli Hall with trees blue sky and Romano Center building in background
Renee Quintyne Director of Institutional Research & Program Development
Mark Rajovic Assistant Coach, Soccer
Niki Rambias Assistant Director
Dr. Heather Rave Associate Professor of Physics
Dr. Suzanne Reynolds Professor of Education
Michael Risolo Driver
Penelope Roberts Assistant Coach, Softball
Daniel Rockhill Coach, Tennis
Cori Roden Assistant Registrar
Cori smiling wearing white long sleeve shirt
Dr. Maria Ann Roglieri Professor of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages
Maliek Rolle Security Officer
Marianne Rosenfeld Sr. Accounts Payable Accounting Specialist
Marianne outside smiling wearing navy blue shirt and black sweater
Dr. Nathaniel Amos Rothschild Associate Professor of English
Kathleen Ryan Rodenbach Coordinator MST Program
Nicole Ryan Athletic Director
Edison Sanchez Aviles Head Coach, Men’s Soccer | Manager, Facilities Rentals
Edison Sanchez-Aviles smiling with Romano Center building and trees in background
Terence Sanders Assistant Coach, Sprint Football
Thomas Sapienza Associate Director of Admissions Operations
Brad Sarno Assistant Director of Athletic Communications and WSTK Radio Station Advisor
Brad Sarno smiling wearing Spartan athletics maroon shirt
Anne Schlinck Director
Mr. George Schlinck Driver
Matthew Schuster Club Ice Hockey Coach
Patrick Schwarze Assistant Coach, Golf
Tyler Senatore Assistant Coach, Men’s Lacrosse
Mr. Jamin R. Sewell Esq. Director, MPA-CJ Program
Dr. Stacy Sewell Assistant Dean of the School of Arts & Social Sciences and Professor of History
Kevin Shine Chief Information Officer
Dr. Staci Shultz Associate Professor of English
Christine Smith Assistant to the Provost
Ms. Jordyn Soravilla Assistant Coach, Women’s Lacrosse
Professor Erica Soto Assistant Professor of Communication Arts
Amanda Stern Food Production Manager, Aramark
Amanda smiling outside with trees and Romano building in background wearing blue shirt
Carolee Stoll Supervisor, Switchboard/Mailroom
Kristen Sullivan Women’s Softball Coach
Matthew Sullivan Assistant Coach, Sprint Football
Jonathan Tallis Assistant Coach, Bowling Team
George Tarangioli Associate Coach, Tennis
Michael Tasaro Jr. Assistant Coach, Tennis
Lee Taussi Assistant to the President and Secretary to the Board
Dr. Clara Tóth Professor of Biology
Dr. Rossen Trendafilov Associate Professor of Finance
Jack Trois Facilities Manager
D’Vonne Trumbo Assistant Coach, Men’s Basketball
Dr. Tracy Tully Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Sonny Ulliana Head Coach Club Baseball
Alexandra Vangel Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Alex smiling outside with Romano building and trees in background
Professor Barbara Vano Assistant Professor of Sport Management Studies
Elvira Vasquez Student Success and HEOP Counselor
Ramon Vazquez Security Officer
Vincent (Vinny) Vazquez Assistant Director of Admissions: Rockland County, Orange County, and Upstate New York
Vinny Vazquez smiling wearing maroon button down shirt with buildings and greenery in background
Aramis Velez Safety Officer
Dr. Robert Vermilyer Professor of Computer Science
Dr. Vermilyer smiling wearing blue dress shirt next to computer in classroom
Maureen Voglio Student Account Specialist
Mary Vota Director, Student Success
Mary smiling outside with trees and pink flowers in background
Dr. Benjamin Wagner Associate Professor of Psychology
Ben smiling wearing red polo shirt with trees in background
David Waites Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
David smiling outside wearing athletics STAC maroon sweatshirt
Alaina Walker Assistant Coach, Women’s Basketball
Anne Walsh Director of Health and Wellness
Professor Monica Wendel Associate Professor of Composition and Creative Writing
Dr. Bianca Wentzell Dean of the School of STEM, Associate Professor of Biology
Bianca smiling in lab
Marija Wierzbicki Assistant Director of Prospect Research, and Planned Giving
Professor Elaine Winship Professor of Communication Arts
Elaine smiling with greenery in background
Paul Witte Driver
Ann Wolfe Assistant Controller
Ann smiling outside wearing eggplant colored shirt with green paisley sweater
Aiping Xing Accountant
Siyong Yu Associate Director of Computer and Information Systems
Nicol Zambrano Clinician
Christine Zinna Associate Registrar
Christine smiling outside of Borelli Hall wearing blue and white patterned shirt with green trees in background