High School Program

A female student standing outside of Aquinas hall with a bagpack on.


Welcome to our High School Program! Registration for the Spring 2023 semester has ended.

Please use the Registration link, (please click here), to register for classes. When filling out this form, students NEED to provide their Social Security number, in order to register for the course.

If you/your students need to make a STAC High School payment for your classes, (please click here) and follow the instructions as outlined below:

  • Please complete your personal information
  • Where your student ID is requested, please include your social security number.
  • Please select the number of tuition/credits you will be taking
  • Students who are eligible for reduced tuition, please complete the reduced tuition rate section and select the number of tuition/credits you will be taking.
  • Any student unsure of eligibility regarding reduced tuition, should contact their guidance counselor for more information.
  • Submit form and follow the instruction listed to process your payment

Questions? Please feel free to contact the St. Thomas Aquinas College High School Program Office at 845-398-4149. 

Thank you for participating in our high school program!