Social Justice & Equity Forum

Our institution values the inclusion and full participation of members of historically underprivileged groups. We are committed to a climate of mutual respect, one in which persons without privilege feel just as welcome as those with privilege. Of course, navigating diversity is always challenging, and we often experience discomfort when we are exposed to ways of thinking or living that are radically different (and sometimes opposite to) our own. Consequently, we encourage all persons—students, faculty, and staff alike—to reflect on their own privilege and to be open to a fair consideration of the views and experiences of others. We can achieve inclusion for those who lack privilege only if we are open to being transformed by engagement with the widest range of views and experiences of others.

To that end, if you experience or are aware of bias, mistreatment, or discrimination based on a person’s (or your own) membership in a group, please contact one of the following individuals to share your concerns:


Samantha Bazile
Samantha Bazile | Director of Admissions

“We want to let students know that once they’re here at STAC, this is their safe place, they matter, their voices matter, their opinions matter, their perspectives matter, and it’s important for them to know that we’ve got people here that are interested in hearing from them and also care about what they’re going through.”

Bazile, Samantha
Nick Migliorino
Nicholas Migliorino | Director of Student Engagement

“What makes this place special is the people who come together to help our students, we have a perfect cross-section of alumni, athletes, administrators, faculty, students all coming together to just say ‘hey, this is something we care about…’”

Migliorino, Nicholas


Kenneth Daly – College President 
Maria Coupe – Director of Human Resources 
Garvenchy Nicolas – Community activist and alumni
Robert Ambrose – Aramark 
Angelique Julien – Student
Dr. Benjamin Wagner – Professor of Psychology 
Kimani Jackson – Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach
Dante Brown – Student
Dr. Neerja Chaturvedi – Professor of History
Anabel Garcia – Student
Janet E. Charles, Esq. – Board Member

“Being a part of SJE at STAC has not only been an eye-opener but an amazing opportunity that anyone can benefit from. Everyone is impacted by social justice and equity, and it’s our job to spread awareness across campus and as well as in our community, so everyone can feel like they have someone to go to for anything. If we don’t speak up then who will?”
Angeliqiue Julien
Angelique Julien, ’23
Educational Studies Major