Pathways Program

students walking on McNelis Commons


Individualized Academic Support

Each student in Pathways meets with a Learning Specialist who will help sharpen the student’s academic abilities, promote self-advocacy and confidence. 

The academic support sessions take place twice each week and are tailored to meet each individual student’s specific needs. Learning Specialists will review course concepts to enhance the understanding of class lectures, work with students on time management and organizational strategies, assist students with developing their writing skills, and foster independence within each student. The Pathways program focuses on academic and personal growth but does not offer therapeutic support services.

Pathways students are required to attend their scheduled weekly academic support sessions and if needed, may schedule additional time with a Learning Specialist on an occasional basis, based on availability. 


Pathways believes in bringing our students together and providing them with opportunities that will enhance their skills as future professionals. Workshops, which may cover a wide range of topics such as Note Taking, Self-Advocacy, Textbook Reading, Essay Writing, Effective Communication Skills, Interview Skills, and Resume Writing, are incorporated into our program to strengthen our students’ abilities and prepare them for higher education as well as their professional career. While the content of these workshops is useful, they also give students the chance to meet others in their community, create connections, and learn from one another.


Once incoming freshmen are welcomed to join Pathways, they are required to attend a summer program prior to their first semester at the college. Our goals are to learn the specific needs of each student, to begin preparing individuals for the academic rigors of higher education, and to build a sense of trust and community within the group.

The summer program allows Pathways students to smoothly transition into higher education as they build their confidence for college, become comfortable within the college setting, and are introduced to a community.